And the cycle shortens…what’s new with you?

4 Feb

Hi…what’s up with you? It’s 2012!! Woohoo!

I just figured out HOW wonderful the menu making part of being a Supporting Member is…!
I got a NEW printer…and now I CAN use all the bells and whistles..!
I made my weeks menu AND SHOPPING LIST and printed  it, and it’s ready to go into my binder! In less than 20 minutes! I FEEL FREE! LOL
We’ve done some re-doing in the kitchen. I’m figuring out how to make things flow and how to organize better. For Christmas I was blessed with a WHOLE SET of new pots and pans, Paula Dean’s name brand, non-stick…dappled red, thank you, very much. 😉
I was blessed with a ton and a half of baking wares and wonderful cupcake books…and, be still my drooling heart…Martha Stewart’s COOKING SCHOOL COOKBOOK that I have SO DEARLY desired…!
My husband installed a new PULL OUT pot and pan rack, that holds ALL my cookware and their lids!

We also got a bunch of dividers, so I can neatly store my cookie sheets and the like.
Oh my goodness…I’m in seventh heaven…!
This weeks menu includes a few nifty ideas…one of my favies I picked up from Pinterest…
Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese” sandwiches…DELISH! (Or at least it LOOKS good!)
(Have YOU heard of Pinterest? I’m LOVING IT!) (The link will take you to the ORIGINAL website…which hosts a WONDERFUL variety of menu ness!)
Lynda is 8 months old now…life is wonderful…the family is really adjusting well to being SIX. . .
It’s been COLD off and on…Christmas Eve it dropped down to -40….hung out there for quiet a while…it has FINALLY warmed up to -10…it’s almost tropical! YAY!

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