Day 5 of the Smoothie Invasion (Occupation?)

4 Feb

Ok…so that sounds a bit dramatic. LOL…but it’s fun to write…ok?

So…day 5 has been a ‘noticing’ day…here is my list that I compiled that I noticed.

  1. I am tired. Not warn out ‘tired’…but ‘MY BODY NEEDS rest and repair’ tired.
  2. I have a LOT more MENTAL energy than I have in a while. (Which is sort of frustrating, since I have a lower physical energy right now…and LISTENING to my body and RESTING when it says has been quiet a challenge of its own.)
  3. I really relate to my body differently. I don’t know if it’s because it’s JUST MY TIME to GET IT, and it’s just God’s timing…PERFECT, or if I FINALLY gave my body nutrition and sort of jump started and reset my body/mind/food relationship…but I sure feel like I’m GETTING ‘it’. It makes me so happy.
  4. I have NO GUILT…none. I am facing food and drink in a way I’ve NEVER done before…it’s a choice, and one made in harmony with my bodies NEEDS…not some emotional trigger, or food medicating thing. And that makes me quiet proud of myself.
  5. When I did have a ‘normal’ emotional trigger, (It’s STILL -35 here…and I have a 7-year-old boy climbing the walls…it’s just not conducive to chillin’ and going with the flow…), when things got a little ‘sideways’ as I would NORMALLY call it…I was able to step BACK and evaluate and really avoid ’emotional’ eating or ‘stress’ eating. It was a BIG deal for me. I don’t know about YOU, but that’s HUGE in MY BOOK! Just keepin’ it real, guys. ūüėČ
So, day 5….healthful, mindful, wonderful eating and drinking…I think it’s great. I’m digging it. ūüėČ
As for in the kitchen….today we had Taco Salad….with the taco meat left over from yesterdays tacos that I made the family…(I had the left over chicken breast from the night before…and a GREEN SMOOTHIE! LOL)…dinner was good…and I didn’t over eat and I was satisfied…when I got ‘hungry’ a while after, I sipped on my veggies…I mean, I sipped on my Green Smoothie…and drank some licorice spice and chamomile tea…without sweetener…I’m one heck of an unusually satisfied girl. L O V E it!

y list…of crazy green ness to purchase…

Locally in Alaska…if you ask ME, we don’t always have the best produce…so I did my best…
I walked away with:
Collard Greens
Multi Colored Kale
HUGE head of Red Leaf Lettuce
Beets with Greens
A whole Pineapple
Sweet Cherries (unsweetened…JUST CHERRIES)
and a few supplements….
I had banana’s at home….
I made my first smoothie with collard greens, kale, beet greens, water cress, rapinni, pineapple, cherries, peaches and blueberries…and a banana.
IT WAS AMAZING…! My son, 12, had a smoothie for “dinner” with me….I ate some of the pineapple….on the side…(which makes it NOT the detox, btw…)…and drank lots of water (my habit anyway…) After a while, I was ‘slightly’ hungry again (I forgot to add the ‘fat’…such as flax oil or avocado, or coconut oil…all of which are AMAZING sources of healthy fat….but they also¬†satiate¬†your appetite a lot better and help your body absorb the minerals and vitamins). So, I had about 1/4 cup more smoothie and a cup of tea…blueberry tea…with NO SWEETENER! RIGHT THERE, people…THAT is UNHEARD OF! I NEVER EVER EVER ever NOT sweeten my drinks…but my blueberry tea TASTED GOOD and SWEET!?!?! INSANITY!
I drank more water, because that’s what I do…and I was good…went to bed, no midnight snacks…not cravings.
I woke up Friday…no coffee…DIDN’T want coffee…ahem…man, if you only KNEW KNEW KNEW ME….you would KNOW that is crazy! I was resentful my entire pregnancy that I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee, thanks to pregnancy ness…but my body was SO HAPPY, I just drank my smoothie, and a 1/4 cup of pecans, for my healthy fat, and water and had a cup of green tea…I sipped it for a couple hours…without sweetener…and I was content….?! Had a smoothie when I was hungry, and water…when I was thirsty…and I was doing great! No headaches…no coffee¬†withdrawals…again with the, ‘that NEVER happens’…!? No cravings. So, dinner time came…I had spaghetti (jarred spaghetti and store bought pasta) and¬†Italian¬†bread made into garlic bread…butter and garlic powder. I had only about 2 cups of spaghetti…and two slices of bread…honestly, that’s about 1/4 of what I’d NORMALLY have…(dinner glutton….starve myself all day, gorge at dinner….and spaghetti is one of my FAVIES!) I drank a smoothie with my dinner…and water…and had a cup of tea. For ‘dessert’ I popped up some popcorn in coconut oil…(look into coconut oil, if you don’t know about it…) and it was DELISH! Drizzled a little over the top of the popped corn and sprinkled salt…oh my, yummo! I was good…STILL no headaches or withdrawals…from coffee less ness.
Saturday….smoothie during the day….cup of green tea….water….gearing up for a hopefully delicious¬†Caesar¬†salad with grilled salmon for dinner…(date night)…So, that’s all I’d had…no coffee…just smoothie, water, tea….and not TONS of it either. Come dinner time, I had a NEW TO ME tea, Licorice Spice…(I hate black licorice…ugh) and it was AMAZING! So delicious and sweet and PERFECT! I asked the waitress to have the chef make my Caesar salad SUPER SPECIAL…TONS OF VEGGIES…tomatoes, baby corn, peppercinis, cukes…etc…and it was superb. I did use the dressing…and I did relax and enjoy myself…it was wonderful. I bought some dark chocolate covered almonds….and raisins…I snacked on those later in the evening…we had an early date. So, tea (hunny went and bought me my new found favorite tea…) and some dark chocolate covered almonds for snack…can’t beat that. I snacked on a couple c.c. almonds when I woke to tend to baby once…when I felt a bit hungry.
Sunday….no coffee, still…and still doing GOOD! (OMG, right?) Smoothie for breakfast and two eggs, sort of over hard…and smoothie for during the day…dinner, Dilly Chicken (recipe here…) and pasta salad with pepperoni (HIGHLY PROCESSED meat…lol…) and onions and black olives and black beans….and mayo and dill weed…and garlic. Yum. So, ‘normal’ food, in smaller quantities with LOTS of nutrients that I WAS NEVER GETTING before…!
My kids are adding them to their day…they are LOVING getting vitamins they don’t have to swallow…and I can tailor them to my kids’ health needs…teen daughter, PMSing…boy with eczema, etc….I have not added this, at this point with any REAL¬†expectations…..In¬†essence…what I did was simply: LISTEN TO MY BODY…learn to really listen to it’s needs…and what that has done is CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIP I HAVE WITH FOOD! Being full of¬†nutritious¬†ness, I have NO CRAVINGS, so when I’m STRESSED, my bodies GETTING WHAT IT NEEDS, and it’s allowed me the freedom to NOT eat the things that once ‘comforted’ me…it’s been a bit confounding and a LOT wonderful. ‚̧ I heart GREEN SMOOTHIES!

One Response to “Day 5 of the Smoothie Invasion (Occupation?)”

  1. hollybernabe February 14, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Smoothies usually imply some sort of milk product. I don’t see that in your list. So, how do you make it? Just the veggies and some fruit and blend? Or what do you add to make it smooth? Water? Favorite recipes?

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