And so it begins…..

4 Feb

Ta da!

Here we are WORLD!

Yes, ANOTHER blog is birthed, into the wild domain of the information superhighway!

I have a gazillion ideas about what to post about…what my ‘theme’ will be, what I can do to engage with others, and I’ve decided to just JUMP IN and START…I figured, ‘Why waste time trying to ‘get my ducks in a row, and name them, and let them grow into full-grown ducks and well, eventually migrate into some realm of ”non-happening”…’….Right?

So, as I enter this arena of blogging, I hope I am joined by new friends and that we can have great times together…!

I will spend the next 5 days narrowing down and finding a focus for my little place in internet space. And in order to do that, I’d like to list my areas of expertise, desire, enjoyments, experiences, and interests, in hopes that SOMEONE (YOU) will respond with input as to what YOU’RE interested in taking the time out of YOUR day to read, see, hear, and learn about. Areas that you may need encouraging in, and just haven’t found ‘IT’ yet….tell me about it. Share.

Here goes, as I just plainly list descriptive terms about me and my interests, just reflect on YOURS as well…and share your thoughts and ideas, as busy people out there

Christ Lover




Educator (homeschool)



Seeking God daily


Engaging with my children, daily

Arts, Crafts and the like




Interior Alaska

Relating to my children

The daily walk as a Believer

The WHOLE enchilada!

There is a small cross-cut of who I am and what I’m interested in and/or desire to become BETTER at…what are YOUR thoughts?

Be blessed,

Karla Marie


2 Responses to “And so it begins…..”

  1. Danika Cooley February 5, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    Hmm… I always want to hear more about homeschooling, parenting and following Christ on a daily basis. 🙂

    • KarlaMarie February 7, 2012 at 2:16 am #

      Danika, 🙂
      I started the blog, A Harbor for Their Hearts with all of those in mind. 🙂 Please, join me there, I’d be honored to have your companionship and input as I share articles that are dear to me. 🙂
      Be blessed.
      Karla Marie

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