I just GOTTA share!

5 Feb

I’m beginning to wonder if everyone is getting tired of hearing about ‘green smoothies’ from me…I talk about it everywhere…here, at the store, as I shop for my greens, at the video store…I mean….really….EVERYWHERE……LOL. But hey, seriously…if you ask how I’m doing, or what all those greens are for…I’M GONNA TELL YA! 🙂 LOL

I just have to share…I just have to…so, if I’m making you crazy with the ‘green-ness’ of it all…turn away…LOL.

I have been doing green smoothies at least once a day since the 12th of January. One to two smoothies a day. Nothing CRAZY and RADICAL…just 48 oz. of green smoothie goodness.

Ok…so, here it is. For years I have had the WORST night vision for EVER! After 16 days of smoothies….my NIGHT VISION IS AMAZING! AMAZING! Oh…sure…don’t believe me…I would have a hard time believing it myself…if someone told me that…I mean….my night vision wasn’t just ‘bad’…but driving in the evening, with oncoming traffic’s headlights in my face…it actually HURT…it was PAINFUL…Ok…so…just know that….it was PAINFUL! I had to look to the side of the road, and really use my peripheral vision to ‘see’ what was going on. And as cars would pass, with their lights on, IT STILL HURT from the peripheral…no joke. And two nights ago…I was driving…and it was GONE! I couldn’t believe it! I started LOOKING INTO the lights to see what was up, WHAT THE HECK!?! And it was GONE!
I was ASTONISHED! I came home, gathered the WHOLE FAMILY AROUND in the living room…and they KNOW KNOW KNOW how much pain I’m in driving at night…and I told them it was GONE!…it was SO AMAZING!
I shared that with my girl friend,  BusyMom and she told me that her prescription glasses were becoming too strong! LOL…I WOULDN’T HAVE BELIEVED HER IF I HADN’T EXPERIENCED MY OWN VISION RESTORATION! LOL…that’s why I hesitated to share it here….LOL…!
I expected some kind of vision improvement… HOWEVER, NOT in 16 days! I’m just sayin’.
Believe me or not….LOL….it just makes me giggle! (*she says as she sips her green smoothie)

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