Shopping…it never ends….

5 Feb

I can’t believe it….AGAIN…I went to Sam’s to get our supply of spinach and more banana’s and kiwi’s and the like. THEY WERE OUT….AGAIN! No spinach. No green grapes. No red grapes. No cucumbers. It was sad and unfortunate. But I did find out from a particularly chatty employee when the trucks come in and when the shelves are restocked. This is a secret I will take with me, to the grave…! I will guard this information with fervent tenacity. I will shop on those two days, TWICE a week, almost RELIGIOUSLY, like GOING TO CHURCH…!

Ok…ok….if you ask me…I’ll tell you. (Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you local people…you crazy Alaskans…). LOL….it’s not like you couldn’t just ask any friendly employee there at Sam’s Club….lol. OKAY! OKAY! You broke me down! Trucks come in Sunday and Wednesday nights….so shopping MONDAY morning EARLY and THURSDAY morning EARLY….like “Business Membership” EARLY! The restaurant people come in FIRST THING and get all the produce….and then it’s GONEZO! (Man…I’m weak! LOL LOL LOL)
Anyhow…In order to make ‘green smoothies’ I opted for the baby green leaf salad. Not too excited about it…but I’m hoping it’ll be ok. Otherwise…I’m not so sure how I’ll feel about smoothies, until Monday. (Gosh, I feel some competitive shopping comin’ on!)…(In a nice way…LOL….).
I also got some kale and collards to take up the slack. The collard greens are a bit bitter this time around…sad face. I hope the kale is sweeter.
I’m going to try cutting back on the fruits…to find a happy medium, and less sugars. On the upside…it is pretty balanced out with all the nutritious greens and the fruits do have so many health benefits. I need to steer away, a bit more, from strawberries, and pineapple (I like it A LOT), mango…Oh, how I love mango. They do contain a lot of sugars. HOWEVER, once Self’s Nutrition Data website is ‘fixed’ in the “Create Recipe”, I will do a REAL break down, rather than “THINK” it’s too many sugars. They have such a great option that shows you if your recipe is BALANCED…I hope they fix it soon.
The temperature is dropping…it’s -43 right now. It’s supposed to be in the -50’s tonight. On the bright side…it was FULL DAYLIGHT at 4:30…WOO HOO! Spring is COMIN’! LOL…*she says cuddled up by the nice, cozy wood stove*…lol.
Tonight’s dinner, by the way…(yes, I still eat REAL FOOD….LOL)…was steak for the three out of the five and the ‘little guy” and I had salmon…boy howdy…it was good. And we had salads, too. Mmm mm.
Did I mention that I love my Food Saver? It makes me so happy. 🙂
OHHHHH, Ohhhh….ohhhhh! Did I mention I found my next KITCHEN GADGET!? I’m so excited! It’s the Ninja Kitchen System! Oh my GOODNESS! 🙂 It’s $137 at Sam’s Club! It has a whole new set up, BUT THE SAME blade system…which is WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT! It EVEN has dough beater. And it has a BIGGER PITCHER! That’s SO WHAT I NEED! My biggest pitcher is a 6 cup max…and the new one…NINE CUPS! 🙂 PERFECT! Exactly what I need. AND, it’s a third less than a Vitamix…and I don’t have to deal with the blades and the hard to reach parts and hard to clean ness. I’m so excited! 🙂
Ok…back to my movie. We’re watchin’ Real Steel. Lovin’ it so far.
Be blessed…and drop me a note. 🙂
Ninja Kitchen System          Ninja Kitchen System Pitcher
Below Picture: -35 degrees

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