What I’m finding…on my journey.

5 Feb

Hello! 🙂

I’ve been thinking. Thinking a lot. Thinking about nutrition…health…food relationships…food association…well, you get it…thinking.
You may have been checkin’ in on my ‘blog’ here, occasionally…or perhaps you just ran into me here, now…but I’ve been really enjoying the ‘green smoothie’ of it all. If you want to catch up with what I’m talking about perhaps you can take some time to do that…(all my links will open in a new tab/window)
Ok…now that you’re all caught up…what do you think?
I’ve been so motivated by the results of simply blending veggies and fruits that I’ve really been researching and studying. I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated by nutrition and our bodies.
I’ve started looking into eating for your blood type. I’ve been interested in it for some time. Have you ever read about that? Heard about it? What do you think?
I bought a little booklet about my blood type…and read through it…It fascinates me. I’m just saying. So, now I’ve ordered all the main books from the library, to see what this Dr. is really talking about. INTERESTINGLY, it says that for my blood type (A+) I should pretty much be a vegetarian. Which makes me wonder if that’s why I’m having SUCH GREAT SUCCESS and results with my green smoothies. I wonder what the other blood type diets…I can’t wait to check it out. What I love about it is that it gives you a list of foods that are ‘HIGHLY BENEFICIAL’ which equates to basically MEDICINE for your body…foods that are “NEUTRAL” which have neither a negative or a medicinal effect on your body, and foods that you should ‘AVOID’, which simply put is like POISON to your body. Reading the lists, I found that a LOT of the AVOIDS are on my list of TRIGGERS for my rosacea.  Hmmm….yeah…pretty much. So, like I said, I look forward to checking into that a bit more.
By the way, I’m feeling great. 🙂 I finally got the nerve up to watch,  “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. GREAT GREAT GREAT watch! I’m so glad I finally sucked it up and watched it…LOL.
In non-smoothie news, Lynda is starting to TRY TO STAND UP! 🙂 WOO HOO! It’s amazing! One day she’s crawling around, not really interested in standing…and the next, she’s pulling herself up along side of stuff! It’s crazy how fast they grow! She turned 9 months old yesterday. 🙂
We finally came out of the -25 to -50 below weather…woo hoo! It’s like a tropical depression here! It’s only -2! And it feels GREAT! LOL…and we had DAY LIGHT (also know as dusk…) of sorts after 5 today! SPRING IS COMING! (ish) LOL
I just gotta say, here in Interior Alaska…when it’s NOT 3-4 hours of daylight…we start really rejoicing! Here’s a link to what our day looks like, sunset and sunrise, dawn and dusk wise.
Be blessed. 🙂 Eat good. 🙂 Say hi!

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