Can’t keep me down…until nap time, that is.

21 Feb

So, I’m still fighting the cold here on the home front.

It really set in on me pretty good…but it’s not TOO bad. The sad part is my little guy is fighting it now, as well. He’s like me, wimpy. But he has such a good attitude…(most of the time).

One of the good things, however, is the daylight. Yay.

In the desolate dark Alaskan winters, it tends to be very difficult to deal with the COLD (several weeks of -25 to -55) and the DARK (at a point in the winter ~ Winter Solstice ~ we have 24 hours of dark…). When the sun starts coming sooner and going later…it is like a shot of HAPPINESS! Yay!

Chicken soup is on my lunch menu today. Rest as well. I’m taking a ‘lazy day’ sick day chillaxin’ day. 🙂

My to-do list for the day:

Figure out dinner.


Make a smoothie.

Juice a grapefruit with ginger. (mmmm)

Yeah…that’s it.

Wish me luck.

Be blessed.



One Response to “Can’t keep me down…until nap time, that is.”

  1. Rena Nichole February 25, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Oh, boo 😦 Feel better soon!

    …Grapefruit and ginger?! That sounds bitter!

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