I love the FLUIDness of life!

27 Mar

So, after my last post, having done a food audit of the 26 days previous, I have continued to delve into several informative and interesting articles.

I have found a site, one many people may have already found it…but it’s been a FUN and JUICY gem of a site, www.whfoos.org World’s Healthiest Foods

I’m going to link MY FAVORITE PAGE right here….LINK 

Can you say, YAY!? YAY!

So, anyhoo…refresher: I was attempting to customize a plan that included, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, the Leptin Reset, and Anti-Inflammatory eating. And I have recently taken it down a notch on the extreme ness of the Leptin Reset, keeping paramount the timing and thoughtfulness on stress and sleep, and no snacking.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be an ‘all or nothing’ girl. And I’ve endeavored to be thoughtful and not psychotic ‘eat right for your blood type’ follower, but instead, take it in balance. I maintained a semblance of balance, but I tweeked it a bit over the past two days.

I have POURED over and through all of these foods on the Worlds Healthiest Foods and look for collaborating information and I just marvel at God’s amazing attention to detail and thoughtfulness when He created all of these perfectly complimenting and life sustaining elements of FOOD to nourish our very bodies.

I just wanted to share my latest finds, and see what’s up with YOU!?



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