The “Food FLu”…?

30 Mar

Ok. So, I’ve been AMAZING for the last 30+ days…no eating out, real food only, fruits/veggies, decent (not organic) chicken and wild caught Alaskan Salmon….BUT TODAY, I went to lunch, for a special occassion, and made a great food choice, logistically speaking, yet left with what I call, “The FOOD Flu”.

I’ve felt that before…LAST year when I had switched to veggies and smoothies…then went out with friends for dinner and a hockey game…and BAM! I was SO SICK for 6 hours…sweaty, nauseous, uncomfortable, bloated, wanting to throw up, having to ‘go’ to the bathroom…just NASTY!

I was rather surprised to feel that way today. I was super proud of myself. Chicken meat, lettuce, a little bit of sour cream (which is ok, not GREAT…but it’s fine), some salsa, and refried beans…with water…(everyone around me was drinking soda, and boy howdy, I was actually craving some Dr. Pepper right about then…but I thought about it…and really, I DIDN’T want all that sugar…not at all…)…I figured, I’m set, look at me, I am amazing! 🙂

Till I started sweating. No, it wasn’t extra spicy salsa. Then, I started feeling nasty in my tummy…Then, I realized…I’ve felt this before….SAD FACE. 😦

Needless to say, I have NO desire to go to a restaurant any time soon. I LOVE that my food makes me FEEL AWESOME! Strong, healthy and satisfied.

I love food…that is REAL. ❤


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