Active. I’m trying to move ‘it’ more.

31 Mar

Ok, I see you people out there, in my little cyber space ‘space’.

Anyone have any INPUT? Or am I just so darn cute and witty, that you just peek in and admire my unique ‘ness’, blissfully happy to sit in silence?

I’m really looking for some fun ideas for foods…got any?

Anyone want to add to my back and forth debate as to which unit to purchase? FitBit or BodyMedia? My debate has run the gamut, between really leaning towards the BodyMedia for looks, sensitivity and accuracy…then sways to the FitBit for simplicity and not having to pay a monthly fee for online support/activity/connectivity.

Any of you into green smoothies?

Mostly veggie eater, but NOT a meat hater?

What’s working for you? What WORKED for you? What’s going on with you? 😉 LOL

Ok…so, on to the title of this post.

I’ve been loving being active lately…swimming, oh, man that was FUN! Walking…I like that too.

I’m anxious for the snow to go away….it’s teasing and working it’s way into slush and dirt/pavement. (Happy sigh…) until it’s all gone, I’ll walk a mile in Walmart, or Fred Meyer, or swim. Wish me luck…or send me some encouragement? 😉

I’ve noticed, however, that I’ve been TOO busy to get stuff in! What the heck?

I glance longingly at my little peanut, and wish I wasn’t dashing out the door for this, that, or the other thing…and trying to work around the pools schedule.

Oh well, I think I’ll go swimming Monday night. Take the kids? Maybe even the baby?


Be blessed.


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