Spinach Salad Ninja Style, SIMPLIFIED, without all that fluff stuff

4 Apr

1 (or more) cups of organic baby spinach
1 (or 1/2, depending on preference) kiwi fruit, peeled and diced.
1/4 cup broccoli
small amount of tiny diced red onion

     1 1/2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
     1 (or 1/2) clove of raw garlic, mince/pressed
     1 wedge of lemon for the juice 

Mix together evoo, garlic, lemon juice for a ‘dressing’. Toss into salad.

Sea salt, to taste, if desired

Ok, go ahead, throw in a  sprinkle of raw pumpkin seeds…it’ll only get BETTER!

(if you don’t like ‘chewing’ for days on spinach, use kitchen shears and snip the spinach into smaller bites…that’s what I do)

Other ways I make it:

Steamed/boiled chicken breast (4 oz.)

diced strawberries
(I be sure to use organic, it’s on the ‘dirty dozen‘ list, and I prefer less ‘death’ on my food, thank you very much.) (LOL…Wow, that almost sounded like the lady that said I was a murderer for eating chicken…or beef…sorry guys…my bad. 😉 LOL Don’t worry, there is a CLEAN 15 list to go with it! See, good news!)

raw sunflower seeds


diced apple

avocado…oh, yes, I LOVE avocado in my salad…especially with chicken

I do not use cheese, traditional dressing, crackers, bacon, croutons…etc.


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