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Hi, My name is (anonymous), and I am a PERSON.

24 Mar

Ok, so this post is about me. And, again, maybe you, too…?

I’m overweight.

By a lot. No, more than that…yeah…that…A LOT!

I have come to grips with my inner beauty. I have learned to appreciate my family and friends adoration regarding my outward beauty…(ahem)…and instead of stressing when I was getting too fluffy for my size 24 Lane Bryant jeans, I pulled out my LB credit card and order me some size 26 jeans, and was thankful.

HOWEVER…I am fat. (Don’t be offended. I can say it…lol.) I don’t LIKE being fat. But I was okay with it…until I started understanding, I’m not fat because I’m not strong enough to say ‘No’ to food, like it’s DRUGS or something…but instead, I’m fat because of SO MANY THINGS I didn’t even UNDERSTAND! And, here is MY LIST.



STRESS (DEALING with stress, NOT suppressing OR passing over STRESS)




So, having done my Green Smoothie thing, and it being INSANELY effective, and then having done a lot with eating for my Blood Type, and that being effective, as well, I found myself back in my rut. Yep, that’s where I’d been, off and on for the last year. You? Where have you been?

BUSYNESS is what really happened, and not having an understanding of WHY my body ‘needs’ what it ‘needs’ or at least THINKS it NEEDS! 😉 I had parts of it right, but there was SO MUCH MORE to it.

I love my body. I TRULY DO! I think that is evident in my fervent searching for wholeness on my body’s behalf. And I’m finally learning, my body and what goes in and on and around it is one amazing relationship, and in a healthful, fulfilling relationship, two people SUPPORT each other…and I came to realize, I was NOT supporting my body in the way it needed. It was a messed up relationship.

The catalyst that really HIT HOME for me was this post by Wellness Mama. I found it on Pinterest…happy sigh. It helped me understand it’s NOT just about FOOD.

The Leptin Resistance that I was introduced to, showed me that even though I have plenty of hormones (leptin is a hormone in our fat cells (adipose tissue) that communicates with the hypothalamus to alert you that you’re satiated and full enough, so stop eating already.) to communicate, HOWEVER, the message wasn’t being RECEIVED! Oh, my…THAT’S why it’s been so hard.

Well, that sort of kicked me back into gear…and an issue I’ve been ‘ignoring’ for a while, I finally chose to address….sleep apnea.

I wake up with headaches. I wake up several times a night, and I’m completely miserable. Dry mouth from snoring, headache, and sometimes I have/had a problem going back to sleep. I was sleepy everyday. Going to bed wasn’t easy for me. I thought it was just because I’m a night owl…but really, my insomnia was contributed to by the hormonal imbalance in my body and my habits created by that, or visa versa…either way, it’s like I said in my previous post, it’s all CIRCULAR.

I went in to the clinic, to get referred to the sleep specialist, and he ran some blood work first, to be sure I didn’t have any extenuating issues, such as thyroid problems.  The blood work came back great, except an elevated red blood cell count, which is indicative of … drum roll please … SLEEP APNEA. 😉 LOL

Needless to say, for being what doctors call, MORBIDLY OBESE, I am VERY HEALTHY! ??? I know, right? Go figure. LOL Yet, I am JOYFUL over this circumstance!

That being said, after almost 4 weeks of really being devout to the Leptin Reset (and I was pretty darn amazing, if I do say so myself), I came to understand, the Leptin Reset is for people with major health issues, disease and debilitating things, like arthritis and such. So, I have since altered my customized plan. I have stayed EXTREMELY close to the recommendations. In particular, where timing  and environment are concerned.

To start with, once Wellness Mama got my desires rekindled, I adapted a plan for me that tried to include Blood Type eating, and anti-inflammatory eating as well as the recommendations in the Leptin Reset.

It was time consuming and fascinating! I’ve loved it.

I started up my again, and started tracking my foods again. I got a fun app called Striiv on my iPhone to track my steps and motivate me to get off my butt occasionally. I was lucky and got it when it was still free, but it’s like $4.99 now. But, knowing what I know about the app, I’d totally buy it. It’s very fun and has challenges on it…and the best part, even when I ‘lose’ a challenge, I WIN! I got OFF MY BUTT! LOL Since I’ve gotten the app like, three weeks ago, I’ve tracked 64,105 steps altogether, been active 1,063 minutes, walked 29 miles, and burned 10,224 calories. Keeping in mind, I don’t carry my iPhone around with me ALL the time…there are a lot of steps and activity that don’t get counted…but HOW FUN IS THAT!?

(On that note, I am looking to get a fitbit, or a bodymedia sometime soon. Does anyone have a one of those and want to share what they think of theirs? I’d appreciate it!)

Anyhow..back to the plan.

After changing my food stuffs again, in 13 days, I had lost 13 pounds, while on my girly time, nonetheless. Which, ladies, in and of itself, is amazing…because the hormonal imbalance I was never regular…and that’s changing, as well! (Gents, sorry if that’s TMI.)

As of today, I’ve lost 17.4 pounds, 27 days in.

I did an audit of my menu for the first 26 days, and found some interesting inflammatory contributors in my foods. Oops. LOL…so, I am fixing that and altering some of my approaches, as I stated, with the less intense Leptin Reset and more balanced leaning towards anti-inflammatory foods.

I am loving it.

Here are some of the links I promised:

Watch this video first…it’s fun…and so easy to understand. 

Leptin Reset

Leptin Info

Wellness Mama on Stress/Hormones

Raw Food for The Beginner

Livestrong’s article about Leptin and Inflammation

I have several books that I use as resources:

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Live Right for Your Blood Type

Cook Right for Your Blood Type

The Complete Idiots Guide Anti-Inflammation Cookbook

Becoming Raw 

My last note:

There are so many opinions and science to support them, but many plans and diets tend to be EXTREME or missing elements. I do NOT FULLY SUPPORT ANY of these resources as a fix-all or even good in and of itself. As far as I’m concerned, and speaking for myself, I use them as RESOURCES.

PLEASE, leave some feedback…I’d LOVE your input, as always!


24 Mar


I have returned for another round of sharing and putting stuff out there, so to speak.

It’s been A LONG TIME since I’ve been on here! I wonder if anyone noticed? LOL

I’m gonna have to go through my old posts and catch up on what I was last sharing about.

HOWEVER, what I’m going to share NOW is super exciting!

I’ve continued to read and research and found out a lot. I’m piecing together an effective plan for me, and I’ll share why and how I’ve come up with it. It’s a LOT of hours and days and weeks worth of reading and research. I hope you find it interesting.

Hormones and your body.

Leptin Resistance

Eating for Your Blood Type (we’ve talked about that, I’m pretty sure.)

Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Sleep Apnea


Those are all VERY important topics that are 100% connected to each other. I say often, that it’;s all very circular. I may recoin that phrase after I lay it all out…but really, it’s all connected…in amazing ways!

What I share WILL NOT be for EVERYONE. No judging on my part, that’s for sure….and on that same note, please, if you’re offended by, or against anything I share here, please be kind when stating so. My purpose here is NOT to hand ANYONE the HOLY GRAIL of weight loss, or fix everyone’s (anyone’s) problems. My only intent is to spread some information to stimulate others to learn more about their bodies and the world they live in.

I do not ‘worry’ about anything I personally share here, because the long and short of MY perspective on food is EAT good food. No doctor, or dietitian can say that I am supporting a dangerous diet fad, because I am not. I am simply sharing and exploring the science of food and it’s effects on my body, and hoping it inspires others.

On one hand, I use materials from ‘diets’ or ‘lifestyles’ that can be/become extreme, and even, in my opinion, unhealthful…but I am particularly using the SCIENCE from their research and findings and studies, to customize and create a workable lifestyle of HEALTH for me.

So, that being said, are you READY for some info? Are you ready for some fun!?

Next post will be all about ME, and a streamlined list of my resources, including links to websites and books.

Leave some feedback, if you will, and let me know what you’re interested in!

Can’t keep me down…until nap time, that is.

21 Feb

So, I’m still fighting the cold here on the home front.

It really set in on me pretty good…but it’s not TOO bad. The sad part is my little guy is fighting it now, as well. He’s like me, wimpy. But he has such a good attitude…(most of the time).

One of the good things, however, is the daylight. Yay.

In the desolate dark Alaskan winters, it tends to be very difficult to deal with the COLD (several weeks of -25 to -55) and the DARK (at a point in the winter ~ Winter Solstice ~ we have 24 hours of dark…). When the sun starts coming sooner and going later…it is like a shot of HAPPINESS! Yay!

Chicken soup is on my lunch menu today. Rest as well. I’m taking a ‘lazy day’ sick day chillaxin’ day. 🙂

My to-do list for the day:

Figure out dinner.


Make a smoothie.

Juice a grapefruit with ginger. (mmmm)

Yeah…that’s it.

Wish me luck.

Be blessed.


How can I be THIS busy?

13 Feb

I have been wanting and wanting and wanting to write an article/post for a couple days…and I have been just too busy.

There is so much going on right now, and my lifestyle change is really encouraging BUSY and ACTIVE life. 

I am headed out the door for more ‘gathering’ of more nutritious ness for my family. Yay me! 🙂

Drop me a note, I’m curious to how you’re all doing, and what’s up in your life. 🙂

Be blessed, and I’ll catch up with you all tonight, or tomorrow morning. 🙂

What the day brings.

8 Feb

*Spiritual discussion ALERT*

*Feel free to skip past this, if you’d like…I’ll get to some ‘other’ stuff in a moment… 😉 *

Living life is really a fascinating task. There is so many IMPORTANT tendrils that work their way through our lives and days. Some days I find myself feeling very successful and ready for the adventure, and other days, I really need some support.

It USED to be, other days I just want to stay in bed. LOL But that has thankfully changed. I’ve really began to find the CENTER of WHO I AM…through drawing closer to God and living true to His Word, as best I can, with HIS help, of course. 

I have come to realize that I really can’t do it on my own. My will power isn’t willing enough. My strength isn’t strong enough. My determination isn’t…well, determined enough. Feeling ‘not enough‘ was getting old. Then I finally GOT IT…ALL of ME is ALL He asks. He’s got the rest of it. Hmmmm. Ok. I can do that. . . . No, really, I CAN! 

Once I began living WHOLLY, ‘it’ got EASIER…my all was enough. It was MORE THAN ENOUGH when paired with His completing me. I am really digging this…ENGAGED living

That being said, since ‘it’s’ easier now…I’m really beginning to grasp the journey I’m on. I’m finding balance EVERY DAY when before, balance used to be a fantasy. The point here is, THIS journey of eating to NOURISH my body couldn’t begin until I got to THIS PLACE in my life, where I could LIVE completely engaged, and begin to learn a little about myself, as a person. Why I made the choices I did. Why I ate, what I ate, when I ate it. It was hardly EVER about nourishment. Meals used to revolve around convenience, ease of preparation, and just something that needed to be done. Snacking used to be mindless. Emotional. Comforting. Guilty ‘pleasure’. Secret. Over abundant. Drinking used to be mindless. I really only drank sodas, aside from a TON of water each day. Now that I’m in a place where I can listen to my body, and actually HEAR it…I don’t binge eat anymore. I don’t MINDLESSLY do any eating, actually. And I am quiet pleased with myself.

I find it difficult to separate my experiences with drawing closer to God and my personal ability to really live engaged. I won’t apologize for that, so, pretty much, I’ll just share it. I know we all have different opinions, and different experiences…and when people start talking ‘religion’ it may make some people’s hackles go up. And honestly, I understand. I came from a ‘legalistic’ expression of ‘religion’…so I get how certain things trigger feelings in each of us. 

I’m not interested in debating my beliefs. I’m not interested in being told what I’m doing wrong (according to….whoever.) (Who IS!?) And in the same vein, I’m not imparting in my articles that if you don’t do ‘it’ the way I do ‘it’, you’re WRONG. I am not opposed to having encouraging conversations that stretch my THOUGHTS and test my opinions, and my understanding…however, I just want to be ME here. And pretty much, the center of ME is HIM. Take it. Leave it. Don’t bash it. Click close if it offends. Hang out if you can deal but don’t agree with EVERYTHING I share. It’s up to you. 🙂 I love sharing. I love hearing. I’m not judgemental. I ask the same consideration in return. Thank you, in advance. 

Back  to the POINT of this post…Hmmmm….Maybe THAT was the POINT of this post? LOL 😉

Where was I?

Eating on purpose…that’s it. LIVING on PURPOSE.

It’s amazing what we hear when we stop, ask, and listen.

To our bodies.

To our God.

To our spouses.

To our children.

To our friends.

To ourselves.

When is the last time YOU stopped. Asked….and LISTENED? REALLY LISTENED?

Realizing that life is meant to be LIVED ON PURPOSE and CHOICES are OURS to make…and my avoiding making choices, it’s STILL making a choice. Placing our trust in KFC, or McDonald’s, or Sunkist, or Coke, or Pepsi, or Pillsbury, or General Mills, or Frito Lay, or Keebler, or Krispie Kreme, or Betty Crooker, or Taco Bell….you get the point….we bear the responsibility of those choices everyday. KFC isn’t responsible for ME choosing to eat it’s POISON…I chose to go there, pay them money and ingest their product. I carry the WEIGHT of that choice. Right? In the same way, when we THINK about our choices and sure, GO EAT at KFC…whatever, we can still make other choices that will minimize the effects of eating such and such.

I don’t condone looking at food SOLELY as POISON…but the truth is, food DOES EFFECT our bodies…and if WE’RE NOT SUPPORTING our bodies, and adding insult to injury…what do we really expect the outcome to be?

THAT was the point I was trying to make…LOL…LOL…it worked its way out!

The relationship I have with food is so different. I don’t look at my food as ‘can’t have’…I look at it like, “Ok, body…why do you want this? Have I supported you good today? Do I plan on supporting you good today?” I look at the hot wing and think, Hmmm…that’s delish looking. I have had my POWERHOUSE smoothie…and I’ve had HIGHLY BENEFICIAL FOODS all day long…Ok. I choose to enjoy the hot wing…and really…that’s all it was. ONE HOT WING. Before…it was oh, I’d say, 8-10. Ahem. Any food trackers out there? DON’T tell me what THAT comes to calorie and fat wise…please, keep it to yourself. 😉 HOWEVER, if you’re NOT a food tracker (I am from the past, and I’m NOT anymore, however, TRACKING really established a mindset of THOUGHTFULNESS…try it…it will SHOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!)

When I DECIDE to eat something, I make a point to CHOOSE IT. A couple of friends of mine from church say that all the time, and I think it’s perfect…”CHOICE IT”. I don’t DENY myself anything…not anymore. HOWEVER, because I’m NOURISHING my body, I’m NOT CRAVING ANYTHING!

Where are YOU in your journey? Are you struggling with mindless eating? Emotional eating? Stress or comfort eating? Drinking? Soda, alcohol, empty calories?

What’s up with you?

Be blessed.

Karla Marie

“One Size” does NOT ‘FIT ALL’!

7 Feb

As I spend time reading, learning, searching and DOING nutrition, I’m finding the lie behind, ‘one size fits all’ that is sold to us EVERYDAY, from one article on health to the next…from one clothing brand to the next…from one way to parent to the next…it simply isn’t TRUE.

What works for ONE KID, doesn’t always work for another, in teaching, in learning, in speaking to who they are. We are ALL DIFFERENT! Why would we expect that ONE thing should work for all of us?

Reading through “Eat 4 (for) Your Blood Type, I see how and why that applies to dieting/lifestyle/food choices, as well. And I’m still amazed. I take a very ‘God CREATED the world’ position on life. I am not a person that subscribes to evolution…I see in our world, every day where God has DELIGHTED in US…and honestly, the PURPOSEFUL DESIGN of FOOD and HOW IT WORKS IN OUR BODIES simply fills me with joy.

Scientifically speaking, you can go ahead and disagree with me about ‘God’ and ‘design’…but look at the science of life. The effects REAL food has on our bodies…it’s astounding! Our bodies truly have the ability to HEAL themselves. We have simply forgotten HOW TO LISTEN TO THEM.

I cannot believe how MUCH TRUST I have put into food manufacturers and our government, and all the producers in our country (world) that have seduced us in, with ease of use, lazy living and basically death. Between packaged and processed foods, they’ve STRIPPED the TRUE NUTRITION OUT OF FOOD and REPLACED it with MAN MADE NUTRIENTS (if you can call them that)…and killed our bodies ability to take care of itself…!

I look at my babies formula…and see the first ingredient is corn syrup solids…um….really? WHEN DID THIS BECOME ACCEPTABLE? And when did I stop paying attention?

That won’t happen anymore.

Call me crazy. Go ahead. It IS different. But the truth is, I would rather SUPPORT my body and its immune system and it’s organs and its nervous system, WHOLLY…rather than blindly trust ‘them’ to take care of me and my family. That’s MY job, and quiet honestly, I can do it way better than anyone else…It’s just time I took responsibility and DID IT!

Do you ever just stop and think, “How did this happen?”…? Look around, at your body, at your kids, and your husband…at your friends.

I’ll tell you the most common responses I get when I start talking about VEGETABLES…and green smoothies.

“I could never do that.”

“That’s gross. I hate…(fill in the blank)…”

“I could never give up bacon!!!”

“I love (fill in the blank), I could never stop eating (fill in the blank)!”

“That looks nasty!”

It’s like talking to a bunch of deaf people. And all I’m doing is sharing about what I’M doing…and sharing what a difference it’s made in my life…and I think…Ok…NOW I see how ‘we’ became the way we have…we walked through our worlds ‘field of poppies’, as they did in Oz.  It’s time to MOW THE LAWN and get our capes on! Take charge of WHAT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR and TO.

My responses:

“I could never do that.”    

Ok. Don’t.

“That’s gross. I hate…(fill in the blank)…”        

It’s not like (blank) is the only vegetable in the world.

“I could never give up bacon!!!”      

We all have priorities.

“I love (fill in the blank), I could never stop eating (fill in the blank)!”  

It’s called self-discipline. Try it sometime, you might like it.

“That looks nasty!”                                                                                                                

I know, right?! LOL LOL LOL

Those aren’t my ONLY responses…I have a few more…but I’m trying to be sensitive and NOT give the appearance that I know it all, or think “my way is ‘the only way’…”…I don’t think that at all…I just think it’s amazing how we pigeon-hole ourselves into INACTION and INABILITY to DO and CHOOSE different by the words we speak and the way we think.

So, don’t think that I think you have to do what I do…I’m just challenging you, and everyone I meet…(lol) to THINK about what they are DOING…period.


Drink? THINK!

Speak? THINK!


If you don’t know HOW to THINK, ask Someone. 😉

In our home I am CHANGING the way we USED to live, to be PURPOSEFUL…ON PURPOSE! (No, I haven’t read, “Purpose Driven Life”…but I’m sure I should…LOL).

Rather than mindless eating, I am teaching my children to NOURISH their bodies and ENJOY what they eat. Sure, they can have a piece of cake, but ENJOY it. Don’t SCARF (sorry, I have scarfers…gotta get on to the ‘next thing’! boys.) Eat on purpose. If it’s NOT to nourish, it’s to ENJOY. Being MINDFUL is SIMPLE. Not easy, but simple. And I think it’s IMPORTANT

I don’t look at my A Blood Type “AVOID” foods as a loss…I look at them as DODGING A BULLET! I mean, REALLY!? Why WOULD I POISON myself, when I can find a gazillion items on my “HIGHLY BENEFICIAL” list that would SUPPORT my BODY and help me slim down to a healthful weight and NOURISH my whole being? Um…I don’t get why this is a hard thing for people to grasp. Aside from ‘timing’…I know sometimes in life, we’re so busy with TRIAGE and trying to function…that living on purpose seems crazy…or doesn’t even cross our minds. I guess that’s where I was, in my ‘before now’ ness.

Where are you in your life? Are you LEARNING to THINK? and THINKING to LEARN? Or are you in SURVIVAL mode?

Be blessed, drop a note.

Karla Marie

A little about ME.

5 Feb

As you may have noticed, my little ‘blog’ popped up here and BAM! There was like, 10, 11 posts…one after another. Puzzling, perhaps? Well, let me explain.

I started ‘kinda’ ”blogging” on my account last year. It was fun. It was small…a post here, a post there…but pretty much, just fun for me…and I’d get a giggle and an ‘aw shucks’ going on when someone cared enough to comment. LOL

Well, January 12th changed all that for me…! I found something that really made a difference in my life, and I just couldn’t stop sharing! I wanted to tell EVERYONE! I wanted to see who else might be doing this crazy ‘green smoothie’ thing. I wanted to share and discuss and learn from others…and I just posted and posted and posted…hence, these 10 or 11 articles of Me-ness. Well, does NOT have a very user-friendly set up for bloggers and ‘cooks’ to socialize or keep in touch…so, I started a blog…highlighting my new ‘passion’…the whole ‘green smoothie’ movement, and healthy eating…the why’s, how’s and wherefore’s.

It’s truly about more than just ‘green smoothies’…it’s about nutrition. Like I said, in my previous post, I really have been interested in nutrition for quiet a while…I love to learn about how, (in my humble opinion and STRONG BELIEF), God designed our world with such loving DETAIL! The way foods interact and SUPPORT our bodies in ways we can hardly conceive…it boggles the mind and quiet honestly, makes me giggle. After all, I love it when Someone loves me so much, They pay so much attention to the details in my life to be sure I am WHOLLY taken care of.
So, whether you believe in God or not, I know you gotta believe in FOOD! Right? LOL
(Oh, I know you do…otherwise, you’d likely be reading this post dead…and that’s just silly.)
As I’m digging, researching, and educating myself on health from the NATURAL ASPECT of our world…I am coming to find a lot of great information. I may not believe or agree with EVERY NIT PICKIN’ LITTLE thing some doctor or nutritionist or person with a pen may say…however, I love to glean credible information and use it to the betterment of ME!
If you’re interested and capable of hanging out, and taking in what you like and leaving what you don’t, I’d sure love it if you’d join me at my new ‘blog’. I think it would be fun to be able to more easily comment and go back and forth. I plan on posting some polls…and I need voters…! 🙂 I want to know what YOU’RE thinking and experiencing and learning…I want to know what YOUR questions are, so I can learn from them as well.
Yesterday I picked up three of the four ‘4 Your Blood Type’ books…Eat, Live and Cook. I’m enjoying reading them, so far.
I am A+…so it’s been pretty amazing seeing the foods and how they affect me, on my lists. Have any of you ever even heard of ‘Eating 4 Your Blood Type‘? I had heard of it quiet a while ago…but never picked it up until a couple of days ago.
I am planning on sharing what I learn, and how it’s effected me and my family, and HOPEFULLY friends. It would be super cool if YOU wanted to join in with me and share what YOU’RE going through as well!
So, here’s to Learning to Think, and Thinking to Learn! Hope to see you there. 🙂
Be blessed,
Karla Marie

What I’m finding…on my journey.

5 Feb

Hello! 🙂

I’ve been thinking. Thinking a lot. Thinking about nutrition…health…food relationships…food association…well, you get it…thinking.
You may have been checkin’ in on my ‘blog’ here, occasionally…or perhaps you just ran into me here, now…but I’ve been really enjoying the ‘green smoothie’ of it all. If you want to catch up with what I’m talking about perhaps you can take some time to do that…(all my links will open in a new tab/window)
Ok…now that you’re all caught up…what do you think?
I’ve been so motivated by the results of simply blending veggies and fruits that I’ve really been researching and studying. I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated by nutrition and our bodies.
I’ve started looking into eating for your blood type. I’ve been interested in it for some time. Have you ever read about that? Heard about it? What do you think?
I bought a little booklet about my blood type…and read through it…It fascinates me. I’m just saying. So, now I’ve ordered all the main books from the library, to see what this Dr. is really talking about. INTERESTINGLY, it says that for my blood type (A+) I should pretty much be a vegetarian. Which makes me wonder if that’s why I’m having SUCH GREAT SUCCESS and results with my green smoothies. I wonder what the other blood type diets…I can’t wait to check it out. What I love about it is that it gives you a list of foods that are ‘HIGHLY BENEFICIAL’ which equates to basically MEDICINE for your body…foods that are “NEUTRAL” which have neither a negative or a medicinal effect on your body, and foods that you should ‘AVOID’, which simply put is like POISON to your body. Reading the lists, I found that a LOT of the AVOIDS are on my list of TRIGGERS for my rosacea.  Hmmm….yeah…pretty much. So, like I said, I look forward to checking into that a bit more.
By the way, I’m feeling great. 🙂 I finally got the nerve up to watch,  “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. GREAT GREAT GREAT watch! I’m so glad I finally sucked it up and watched it…LOL.
In non-smoothie news, Lynda is starting to TRY TO STAND UP! 🙂 WOO HOO! It’s amazing! One day she’s crawling around, not really interested in standing…and the next, she’s pulling herself up along side of stuff! It’s crazy how fast they grow! She turned 9 months old yesterday. 🙂
We finally came out of the -25 to -50 below weather…woo hoo! It’s like a tropical depression here! It’s only -2! And it feels GREAT! LOL…and we had DAY LIGHT (also know as dusk…) of sorts after 5 today! SPRING IS COMING! (ish) LOL
I just gotta say, here in Interior Alaska…when it’s NOT 3-4 hours of daylight…we start really rejoicing! Here’s a link to what our day looks like, sunset and sunrise, dawn and dusk wise.
Be blessed. 🙂 Eat good. 🙂 Say hi!

And so it begins…..

4 Feb

Ta da!

Here we are WORLD!

Yes, ANOTHER blog is birthed, into the wild domain of the information superhighway!

I have a gazillion ideas about what to post about…what my ‘theme’ will be, what I can do to engage with others, and I’ve decided to just JUMP IN and START…I figured, ‘Why waste time trying to ‘get my ducks in a row, and name them, and let them grow into full-grown ducks and well, eventually migrate into some realm of ”non-happening”…’….Right?

So, as I enter this arena of blogging, I hope I am joined by new friends and that we can have great times together…!

I will spend the next 5 days narrowing down and finding a focus for my little place in internet space. And in order to do that, I’d like to list my areas of expertise, desire, enjoyments, experiences, and interests, in hopes that SOMEONE (YOU) will respond with input as to what YOU’RE interested in taking the time out of YOUR day to read, see, hear, and learn about. Areas that you may need encouraging in, and just haven’t found ‘IT’ yet….tell me about it. Share.

Here goes, as I just plainly list descriptive terms about me and my interests, just reflect on YOURS as well…and share your thoughts and ideas, as busy people out there

Christ Lover




Educator (homeschool)



Seeking God daily


Engaging with my children, daily

Arts, Crafts and the like




Interior Alaska

Relating to my children

The daily walk as a Believer

The WHOLE enchilada!

There is a small cross-cut of who I am and what I’m interested in and/or desire to become BETTER at…what are YOUR thoughts?

Be blessed,

Karla Marie