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PRODUCT REVIEW: Ninja Master Prep Pro

14 Feb

Ninja Master Prep Pro

$54.88 at Sam’s Club

(I paid $45 for it when I got mine.)

Ninja Master Prep Pro



Since I’ve started doing my green smoothies, I’ve used a blender MORE than I ever have in my entire life.

I’ve stayed away from blenders, to be honest, because they just weren’t worth the MESS, in my opinion.

I had a Vitamix with three different pitchers in my home for 3 years, just about…and I used it a total of 10 times. MAYBE.

The week AFTER I gave the Vitamix to someone who desperately longed for one, and I knew would USE IT, I found “green smoothies”.

R E A L L Y ! ? ! ?

I’m not even kidding.


My mother is the Queen of Kitchen Gadgets. She is the one that gave me the coveted Vitamix. She got a second ‘amazing’ high powered blender (not BlendTec, but a different one…cannot recall the name right now), so she gave me the Vitamix.

She acquired this Ninja Master Prep Pro, from Sam’s Club and she was IN LOVE with it. I had been eye balling it for a while…but because I really didn’t USE the AMAZING blender I had at the time, I really had to think, Why would I even use it?

So, then my analytical mind began examining why I didn’t use such a great piece of gadgetry.

I do NOT like scraping around the blade to get my ‘stuff’ out.

Hmmmm. Ok. That seems simple enough.

Then I realized, this Ninja thing, the blades come OUT. Easily.


That being said….my analytical mind was thinking about this Ninja for a while….ENTER GREEN SMOOTHIES.

Ok…now I NEEDED a blender!

Here’s the review.

Considering Vitamix blenders are all the buzz in the ‘green smoothie’ world, I was determined to at least try using the Ninja Master Prep Pro. I mean, let me think, spend $45 (it was $45 when I bought it…it is now $54) or spend $400? Or be an ‘taker backer’ and ask for the Vitamix back that I had just days ago, GAVE AWAY.

Seeing how I am not much of an ‘taker backer’, I opted for the Ninja. Eh, what the heck…it was $45.


It has the two small cups for food processing. I use those for coffee grinding, baby food making, and peanut butter making. I also occasionally use them for chopping onions, celery, and the like.

Then there is the smaller of the two pitchers, the 40 oz. one. I seldom use that one, but it’s nice to have.

And lastly, the 48 oz. pitcher is what I use ALL the time. It’s not BIG enough to make the quantity of green smoothies I need for my family and myself…but it gets the job done.

The blades are powerful and effective enough to blend up my green smoothies perfectly.

I am impressed with the ease of use and cleaning that the Ninja Master Prep Pro offers. Although it can be a pain to have to take the motor off and then the lid and then add the ingredients for my smoothies. But hey, you can’t have everything….right? (Right?) LOL

I enjoyed this Ninja SO much, when I saw the NEW AND AMAZING “Ninja Kitchen System” come out in our local Sam’s Club, I WAS BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS! $136! And it was soooo pretty, and had a BASE….and the BIG pitcher….Oh, that’s right…THAT’S a DIFFERENT REVIEW! 🙂 Check it out! 🙂

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ninja Kitchen System

Be blessed.


PRODUCT REVIEW: Ninja Kitchen System

14 Feb


Sam’s Club $136.58

Plus 1 year warranty $9.72


Ninja Kitchen System

Ok. So…I just reviewed the Ninja Master Prep Pro. And from that glowing review one might think, WOW! This can only get BETTER!


That’s what I THOUGHT, too.

Sadly, it isn’t so.

This machine is POWERFUL.

However, it is INEFFECTIVE! What’s the point of all that POWER if it isn’t being USED?

The shape of the pitchers leaves space for items, such as pineapple wedges, to just hang out and NOT get blended. So, I was constantly having to open the VERY SAFETY oriented lid to reach in and push my food down farther. That didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, either. I ended up having to add more water than I wanted/needed because that was the only way the blades would ‘include’ the pineapple into the blending process.

Also, the blades are so powerful that what ends up happening as well is basically the food gets ‘juiced’.


JUICERS are for juicing. That way at least with a JUICER the FIBER and BULK and such are DISCARDED. Not so with the blender.

My green smoothies were TERRIBLE. I’ve made smoothies pretty much EVERY DAY for over a month with the Ninja Master Prep Pro…NO PROBLEMS EVER WITH ANYTHING. NEVER had that gross juicing effect.

What happens with the NKS ‘juices’ my smoothie is a HUGE LAYER of ‘fiber’ settles on the top of my glass, and the juices settle on the bottom, leaving a nasty 4, 5 and even SIX INCH LAYER OF GROSSNESS in my 24 oz. cup. 😦

Sad face.

I won’t even go into the rest of the ‘amazing’ options that the NKS had (had) to offer, because after the second go around with my green smoothies and the HUGE EPIC FAIL, there was no way I was keeping this gadget in my house.

I am not a huge fan of returning things. Honestly, I just don’t want to take the time or deal with the hassle. HOWEVER, I washed, and loaded this unit up IMMEDIATELY after the ‘second chance’…it’s going back TODAY.

There is a ton of other options that this unit has to offer, but the way I see it, if it doesn’t do the MAIN thing I want it for, it’s value drops. AND, if it’s not picking up the fruits and veggies in the pitcher the way it should, I doubt it’d work effectively enough to do a good job with the dough paddle and the cookie dough paddle and the whisk paddle. The pitcher is not conducive to good blending/mixing/doughing. 😉


Too bad…it had so much potential. The blade assembly is the kind I enjoy, with the blades being removable for ease of access to your finished product, be it smoothie or peanut butter or what have you.

The power was unquestionable.

The additional options were seductive.

The design…FLAWED.

Be blessed.

Thanks for checkin’ out my reviews.