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Oh my goodness! I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

8 Apr


Oh my gosh. Planet Fitness offered an amazing membership option…a special sign up fee of $1 each for me and a friend, and a NO COMMITMENT membership plan of $10 a month. So, how could I NOT!?!?! My daughter and I signed up! And we rocked it!

We LOVED working out on ALL that amazing equipment! And to just use the treadmill….Oh MY GOODNESS! I did NOT KNOW I could do all the amazing stuff I CAN DO!

I have to say, right off, eating healthfully has made SUCH a huge difference! It’s given me the strength, the stamina, the energy to even WANT to workout! Wow!

I am just going to lay it all on the line, here, for you. I started, February 25th, on this leg of my journey. At a doctors appointment, to address ‘sleep apnea’ my weight was….(gulp) 301.+ pounds. That, is, um, large. (blink blink) This morning I was 278.2. That’s an average of 3.8 pounds a week. JUST changing my eating and getting more rest and DEALING with stress.

Um. Wow.

I am just now, these last week and a half, maybe two weeks, really starting to WORKOUT with any regularity….and like I said, I just WANT TO! Yeah! SHOCKER, RIGHT?!


Image I used this…a LOT! I like, like, like this one!

It’s called the Cap Barbell 45 Degree Hyperextension.

I wish I could find a list of ALL the equipment there. I want to make a routine, and ALL of the equipment is NEW and FOREIGN to me…! 🙂

I can’t even begin to express how I feel after a workout. Happy. Yes I can…I feel HAPPY!

Anyhow, I just HAD to share. I’m so thrilled to see this part of me blossoming. I love feeling MUSCLES under the fat. I am so happy that my ankles are getting stronger. That is amazing.

Wow. Ok. I’m done. 😉

Tomorrow is a low key day. Stretches and yoga.

I love loving my body.

Be blessed.


You are (a product of) what you eat.

3 Apr

So, obviously, I’m not a salmon…or a miniature tree (a.k.a.: Broccoli). Yet, I do carry around the product of those foods…each nutrient that my body breaks down and uses to repair, nourish and heal my cells, bones, everything. The balance food can bring, and the havoc it can wreak on a body is AMAZING!

When I was eating foods that are INFLAMMATORY, I suffered a lot.

I still deal with sleep apnea. That’s not fun. However, I have been doing better. Just some days it’s bad. Waking up in the middle of the night, from not breathing. Headache. Thankfully, though, not as often.

One of the things I haven’t mentioned in much/any detail is the fact that I have removed SUGAR (refined, white, added) from my life, for the  most part. I’ve had several cups of coffee, in attempts to ‘enjoy’ myself while making changes for the better…and I’m a die hard (well, I WAS a die hard coffee drinker, but I’m also VERY PARTICULAR with my coffee preparation. 4 teaspoons of sugar, two tablespoons of half and half…SEVERAL times a day. I’d usually have 3-4 cups of coffee…ahem. If you do the math…it’s horrifying. I’ll do it for you.

4 teaspoons of sugar 3 times a day = 12 teaspoons of sugar a day (on a low day) (NOT COUNTING ANY ADDED SUGAR in processed foods I’d eat…DON’T EVEN get me started…THAT’S HORRIFYING!)

12 teaspoons of sugar a day times 35 days = 420 teaspoons

Since I’ve been cutting back, and eventually ELIMINATED my sugar intake, I’ve had 88 teaspoons of sugar, in the 35 day period.

Cutting my sugar by 332 teaspoons, not to mention ALL of the processed sugar! WHICH IS UNFATHOMABLY LARGE AMOUNT! I don’t EVEN want to think about it! Cutting sugar cuts INFLAMMATION! YAY!

So, chop! Cutting down my sugar. NEXT. I cut out flour and wheat. WOW, me!



Processed/ready made foods.

OH! And no milk products, either! Really. Especially compared to before.

Rice, potatoes. No more of those.

I just wanted to share that. I hadn’t really talked about it. So, my basic meals consist of fresh veggies, fruit, minimally processed meat (meaning, just butchered and cut up).

Better sleep. Dealing with stress. Walking more. Building muscle.

I feel like a superhero.


A little bit goes a long way.

2 Apr

So, it’s been a couple days. The Holiday is over. Life is returning to normal. Ish.

Long story short, I’m SO pleased with myself!

DISCLOSURE: I want to make it perfectly honest what I mean when I make statements

like that. LOL…If I’m brutal, let me just say, I was SO low key, activity wise before, that

it’s actually rather embarrassing. When I say I’m pleased with myself, really, it doesn’t take 

much. At all. So, just in case you were feeling lame for ANY reason, whatsoever, don’t. 

I tracked EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY….and I walked a lot more than usual two days. NOT today. Ahem. Let me check my step counter (keeping in mind, I use my iPhone and I don’t carry it around all the time, but TODAY was SUPER LAME on the stepfront.) Um….yeah. 529 steps counted today.

HOWEVER, I DID exercise today…! I did my Restore Core and Back workout. I ROCKED it even better this time! I was less than impressive (YET VERY impressed with myself!) on my first try, even though it was effective and fun…but this time, I did MORE of the moves completely, or at least maintained the simpler moves better, while the more advanced techniques were shown.

I have a muscle. Well, two of them, actually. My upper arms have some SHAPE to them now. Yes, I have the little (um, bigger than ‘little’ actually) flubby flab hanging down from my upper arm….but my biceps…wow. I’M SEEING PROGRESS! It makes me a bit giddy.

My legs, they are starting to FEEL sleek. Not bulging muscles or flabless, but DIFFERENT!

I spent a LOT of time on WHF (World’s Healthiest Foods) today. I LOVE reading about the broken down analysis of the foods I love and want to use for nourishing and healing my body, and supporting it. It truly fascinates me.

My husband told me I should become a nutritionist. Oh, HOW I LONG to do that. It’s one of those secret desires. I hadn’t even told him…more like a whimsical dream. But it made me giggle when he said it.

My hubby is proud of me.

I like that.

I think I’m getting ‘it’, guys. And that makes for a very special 35 days. I ‘restarted’ my path to a healthful lifestyle again, 35 days ago…and I’ve NEVER looked back. I have been TENACIOUS this time. Understanding more about the science of food and my body has been what it took to make it all CLICK for me. I’m so grateful that I’m learning everyday, what to eat, how to eat, why to eat, how to move, THAT I CAN MOVE without pain.

I’ve had chronic pain for years….(not as bad as a lot of people, but enough to really put me off working out and being active.) and not knowing HOW to work my body and knowing there are so many options and keys, I suffered. Suffered in my own inactivity. Clung to the chronic pain, in fear of creating MORE pain. And I’m so THANKFUL I’m able to actually see, I CAN DO THINGS that WORK and not only does it NOT hurt, but it HELPS! OMGoodness!

Thank You, Lord, for helping me see You in this part of my life. It’s such a blessing.

Be blessed, all.

Karla Marie

LOL…how can it be SO TRUE, the more I learn, the more I don’t know!?

28 Mar

So, I’ve been working on that thing called balance.

“This says” don’t exercise until after 5pm. “That says” don’t even think of eating after 7pm. “The other” says don’t snack.

“Eat THIS much protein”


Drink THIS

DON’T drink THAT

Murderer of helpless animals (seriously, I was watching a ‘Raw Food’ DVD the other day, and the woman actually said that. I thought that was just teasing people that were vegetarians/vegans, and come to find out, they think I’m a murderer!)

Oh my gosh…the list is LONG, ON TOP OF…………….”DON’T STRESS!”

Excuse my cyber expletives, but WTH!?!?!


Yes…I speak of this elusive balance.

Yes, what makes me happy, peaceful, fulfilled is likely NOT going to be the exact same thing for YOU.

SO, what’s a person to do?

Here’s what I’ve really decided to do. CHILLAX! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

NO, not GIVE up. but relax!

As far as I’m concerned, learning about foods and their fabulous gift to us and our bodies, minds and spirits and using them as I feel we’re intended to. To heal, nourish and enjoy!

So….I came to this deep conclusion due to last nights breakdown. I have been wanting to go swimming. Our local pools Open Swim time is 7-9pm. I was running behind in town, and didn’t have time to eat BEFORE leaving, enough to fill me up for the night WITHOUT overdoing it for the pool…and we’d be swimming until 9pm….so, of course, it’s ‘against the law’ to eat after 7pm…so the STARVING feeling I ALWAYS get after swimming was killing me, just KNOWING I couldn’t even make a healthful choice and eat.


(I haven’t had a craving like that in 30 days!)

After being rather unkind and pissy towards my precious family, already pushing myself past my regular comfort zone, GOING SWIMMING IN THE FIRST PLACE, getting my chubs into a suit and BEING THERE, but now, stressing about the predicament I had put myself in….I cried…and apologized…and decided, THIS STRESS is NOT WORTH IT…and I’m going to make MY OWN choices, without overthinking or worrying.

And I did.

AND, I worked out this morning, at 11. AM. IN THE MORNING. HA HA!

Let me tell you….the 20 minute DVD I did, working on my core and lower back, using a back ball thingy (I have a fractured L5 disc and it causes a LOT of pain if I’m not careful, making core workouts and strengthening difficult.)

I was ACTUALLY happy afterwards. The ‘high’ I got from that gentle yet effective workout was insane and INSPIRING!

So, I have just reaffirmed my quest for MY balance. And it makes me giddy.

What’s up with you…?

How much is this costing me, you ask?

14 Feb

Ok, so I’ve wondered this myself.

Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t cost any more than UNhealthful eating…but is it?

First off, I don’t care if it is. I am not gonna stop eating this way. 😉 But it is an interesting question…so, I am going to track this week. Fun? 🙂 We’ll see.

Keep in mind, a lot of the items I’m going to track will be first time purchases, so, it’ll seem like a lot for the ‘week’…so I’ll break it down as best I can.

  • Ben and Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Cherries Garcia                                              $4.89
  • Rice Cream rice ‘milk’ (to try)                                                                                 $2.49
  • Almond Milk (to try)                                                                                                  $2.49
  • Sprouted Wheat Bagels 5 pack (to try)                                                               $3.99
  • Spelt Bread (to try)                                                                                                     $5.69
  • Ezekiel Bread                                                                                                                 $3.99
  • Grapefruit 2 large Ruby Red (not on sale, sad face)                                      $1.96
  • (Last week they were 2/$1)
  • Asparagus ($1.98 # ~ 3.12#)                                                                                  $6.16
  • Zucchini ($1.99 # ~ .91#)                                                                                        $1.79
  • Parsley Bunch                                                                                                               $0.89
  • Cucumbers (2)                                                                                                              $2.58
  • Tofu Organic (2) (to try)                                                                                           $4.98
  • 2 Large Portobello Mushrooms                                                                             $4.54
  • Peaches ($2.48# ~ 1.71#)                                                                                       $4.22
  • Fresh Ginger Root                                                                                                       $1.48
  • Pure Vanilla Extract                                                                                                  $5.59
  • Shallots ($3.99# ~ 1.15#)                                                                                       $4.55
  • Sesame Seeds Hulled/Raw Bulk ($3.79# ~ 1.26#)                                       $4.79
  • Peanuts for fresh ground Peanut Butter ($2.99 ~ 1.86#)                          $5.47
  • Kashi Crackers 2 boxes                                                                                            $7.00
  • Hansen Sugar Cane Soda (NO HFCS) 6 pack                                                    $3.79
  • Spelt Noodles                                                                                                               $3.49
  •                                                                                                                                            $86.82

I can’t really think of how to break that down. That is way more than just this weeks cost, for some of that stuff.
I am not even sure how I’d track this…got any ideas?
Oh well, that was fun, if nothing else. 😉

Ok…anyhow. Let me share my day.

This will be a testimony day. It may seem small to you. But for me…it’s HUGE. And it makes me giggle. (I giggle and smile a lot…)

So, I was getting ready to take a shower this morning, and I have to let the water run to get warm. Well, I like to listen to music all the time. I started dancin’ around. And it was fun.

I’m sorry. I’m a 39 year old, fat girl. It’s a hard picture for me to grasp…if you’re having a hard time…I get it. HOWEVER….I WAS LOVIN’ IT! LOL LOL

Being large, I don’t tend to move a lot…and lately, I have been MOVING…like I said, in a previous post…snow machining…Xbox activities, working out, so on and so forth. Imagine my surprise when I was diggin’ the dancin’.

Ok…so I’m grooving, and I decide to do some stretches. I start stretching…and bending, and the next thing I know…I’m doing SQUATS. Ummmm…I don’t DO squats. Ever.

Well, I guess I do NOW. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t, actually. 😉

So, then I thought I’d be really daring…and I tried to touch my toes.



When did I sprout this new talent? HOW!? LOL…Hmmm…it’s amazing what a bit of energy and a spring in your step can inspire you to do.

I’ve still only lost 11 pounds. However…I am not WORKING at loosing weight…I’m working at being healthy. What I’ve noticed though, I used to be able to see my ample tubby…um….tummy sticking out past my boobs chest…and NOW I CAN’T!? SCORE!

Ahem…ok…enough of my random ness. I need some sleep.
Heads up…I am going to make a post reviewing the Ninja Kitchen System AND the Ninja Master Prep Professional Food and Drink Maker .
Be blessed.
Good Night.