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Working Out, is….well, working out.

15 Apr

I know…I know, I wondered if I’d stick to working out, myself. But I gotta say…I am IN LOVE with working out.

Starting off with my little peanut for my lower back and core strengthening made ALL the difference in the world! I am so thankful I found it!

It seems I’m noticeably losing weight. I’m down 25 pounds in 50 days. I kinda think that’s cool. It doesn’t SEEM like a big deal, if I’m not really thinking about it…but if I think about it, WOW! TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! In less than two months…Never even imagined.

My pants, that were too tight for me, and prompted me to order the next size up…well, the ‘tight’ ones are falling off my butt, almost. I’m constantly doing the ‘hike’ up of my pants. I kinda like it, even if it’s a little tacky. 😉

I can actually IMAGINE myself in size 18, 16…and my happy dance will commence when I’m in a size 20! YES, 20! When I met my husband, I was wearing size 8 pants/skirts and size 10 tops. I had a 29 inch waist. (I am NOT attempting to get back to that spot, but it’s where I was 16 years ago.) I got up to size 26, I’m too small for 24, but too big for 22 now. And my waist…well, sure, I’ll be brave and share….47 1/4…there, I said it…GULP! LOL

So, right now, I just focus on BUILDING muscle and eating right, resting right and dealing with stress. Yay me! 🙂

Ok…so I’m off to the wonderful world of workouts! Planet Fitness, here I come!

Be blessed,

Karla Marie


The “Food FLu”…?

30 Mar

Ok. So, I’ve been AMAZING for the last 30+ days…no eating out, real food only, fruits/veggies, decent (not organic) chicken and wild caught Alaskan Salmon….BUT TODAY, I went to lunch, for a special occassion, and made a great food choice, logistically speaking, yet left with what I call, “The FOOD Flu”.

I’ve felt that before…LAST year when I had switched to veggies and smoothies…then went out with friends for dinner and a hockey game…and BAM! I was SO SICK for 6 hours…sweaty, nauseous, uncomfortable, bloated, wanting to throw up, having to ‘go’ to the bathroom…just NASTY!

I was rather surprised to feel that way today. I was super proud of myself. Chicken meat, lettuce, a little bit of sour cream (which is ok, not GREAT…but it’s fine), some salsa, and refried beans…with water…(everyone around me was drinking soda, and boy howdy, I was actually craving some Dr. Pepper right about then…but I thought about it…and really, I DIDN’T want all that sugar…not at all…)…I figured, I’m set, look at me, I am amazing! 🙂

Till I started sweating. No, it wasn’t extra spicy salsa. Then, I started feeling nasty in my tummy…Then, I realized…I’ve felt this before….SAD FACE. 😦

Needless to say, I have NO desire to go to a restaurant any time soon. I LOVE that my food makes me FEEL AWESOME! Strong, healthy and satisfied.

I love food…that is REAL. ❤