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Karla’s Flax, Almond Meal and Spelt Pancakes

5 Apr

1.5 cup raw      Bobs Red Mill – Spelt Flour Whole Grain Stone Ground
 4.5 tsp              Argo – Baking Powder Aluminum Free
1.5  tsp              Table Salt
2 Tblspn           Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2.5 cups           Simple Truth Organic – Plain Soy Milk
2 large               Eggs
2 Tblspn           Maple Syrup
2  Tblspn          Organic – Flax Seed Whole
1 cup                 Raw Almonds
Grind flaxseeds
Grind almonds to make almond meal (course grind, but not chunky. Be careful to grind it too much, it may turn into almond butter)
Mix together flour, baking powder, salt, ground flaxseeds, ground almonds.
In another bowl, mix the olive oil, soy milk, eggs and syrup together.
Pour liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients.
Cook like regular pancakes.
Makes 8 6-7 inch pancakes
Almond milk (Makes the pancakes taste/feel like waffles….kids LOVED that.)
Use your favorite flour.
Grind up some oats, until they are flourlike, but with some good sized oat bits still in them and use that instead of flour. Or replace the almond meal with the ground oats.